As a professional of seafood market , DBAS was founded to import and export of frozen and fresh seafood products in world since 2015.

We are specialist to supply Beluga Iranian caviar , shrimps, fish and another kind of seafood products.

Our key factors for our company are: Delivery goods everywhere you ask us, Be first in quality seafood products, Always at your service and Security of your business with us. Because it we became DBAS.


With a good understanding of regulations and customers’s expectations, we supply around the world high quality products from South America, North Africa Middle east and Europe.

Production process always starts with the choice of raw materials of the highest quality standards, supplied from Persian Gulf, Caspian Sea, South of America, North of Africa, Middle East and Europe.

Concerning our documents tracking, we have a high traceability in our production system. Our products have strong documentation tracking in every step meaning preharvest, harvest, transport to the processing point, in processing points, packaging and storage.

Beside of our traceability system we pay a great attention to our clients and our suppliers. Once our products are delivered we will always be present in our clients points and we listen their observations, remarks and suggestions.


Then WE are always beside our suppliers and our clients.