Our History:

Dr. Ahmadali Kabirichimeh, Ph.D of International, European and Comparative Law from Jean Moulin University in Lyon city in France, commenced to work since 2005 in different entities in Iran, Romania and in France as a judicial advisor & businessman.

2015,Du Blé Au Soleil (DBAS) company is registrated by Lyon Commercial Court to develop the business relationships between Central of Asia and European companies.

2016, DBAS started to import as a farmer and supplier, the frozen Penaeus Vannamei shrimps from FAO 51 region under Persiana shrimp’s brand and Huso Huso Iranian Beluga Caviar under the brand of Tethys.

2017, Thanks to it’s experience in seafood market, in contact with different actors, DBAS developed it’s activities in export of food & beverage device, know how & laboratories technologies.

2023 DBAS bring into being own shrimps farms in west and it’s industrial plant in center of France.

About us

About our activity:

With good understanding from culture and expectation of commercial companies in each area, DBAS has been able to develop and apply the quality and legal constraints requested by final customers.

DBAS business activities devise in main sectors:

Food & Beverages ( Aquaculture, Dairy food, etc.)

Alive animal business & animal foods

Packaging machineries & technologies

Laboratory, pharmacal and medicals products & devices

Industrials machineries & technologies related to the above activities.

DBAS learned, put in place and update permanently the necessaries procedures to guarantee it’s production and become a significant actor in European and Asian customers in Aquaculture and industrial markets.